If we want to build a better world,
we need new understandings.

Social change is inevitable. If we want to build a better world, we need new understandings. Implementing diversity, equity, and inclusion training has skyrocketed in the last year. But it’s not enough. We need deeper transformative cultural experiences that are practice-based to reimagine, embody, and repair our world.

Home Soil Projects offers co-created, experiences to mediate and prevent conflict. Our programming generates a culture of inclusion that extends across racial, ethnic, gender, and religious categories. By providing experiential facilitation to individuals and organizations, we connect disparate stories to form mutual understanding of conflict so clients are equipped with knowledge to move toward resolution based on shared values. Through dialogue and collaboration we guide people to activate inclusive practices with ease, so frameworks of social engagement create common ground.

We encourage clients to consider their bodies to be a place where perspective shifts temporarily. We cultivate social conditions where multiple identities, modes of thinking, and ways of doing is an effort toward inclusion so being in the world is being in support of others. Whether it be mediating conflict in the workplace or sharing inclusion programming, we support individuals and their organizations to reduce inequalities so peace, justice, and strong institutions are more sustainable.