In Conversation

In partnership with Liebig12, The Performativity of Nonviolence in Translation, was promoted by Vorspiel / Transmediale & CTM Festival in Berlin Jan. 21-Feb. 6 2022. Programming included a public talk in Kuppelhalle at Silent Green. 

In an interview with Dr. Lara Bullock, curator of the San Diego Central Library Gallery’s exhibition Fear No Art: Civic Engagement, Histories, Currencies Zoya speaks about, To Be Seen & Unseen, a public participatory walking performance that is one iteration of a larger performance project titled, Waking Up Iranian American.

Asian American Pacific Islander Identity and a Way Forward for a More Peaceful Future

Following a series of crimes targeting the Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) community in the United States, Zoya connected with Dominique De Leon of Peace is Loud to discuss the ongoing impact of colonization and possibilities of advancing peace. 

Fowler Global Social Innovation Challenge (GSIC)

The Fowler GSIC is a social venture pitch competition that recognizes, resources and rewards student-led social ventures focused on sustainable change. In 2021 Home Soil Projects was awarded funding and the Women Innovator Award.

Salzburg Global Seminar

Zoya is an Asia Peace Innovation Fellow at Salzburg Global Seminar. Here are their recent thoughts on the future of leadership: