Perfect Working Models

Perfect Working Models examines political, religious, and sexual freedoms and their relationships to reality television, celebrity culture, and fashion. Inspired by true stories, the play centers on an international phenomenon: reality T.V. covering beauty pageants held in prisons. The play questions the craze of reality television and aims to illuminate why we are drawn to celebrity culture. Through faith, politics, sex, beauty, money or entertainment, can we experience freedom at all?

This play was staged in Seoul, South Korea to celebrate International Women’s Day during 2011. All proceeds were donated to a non-profit that support victims of sex-trafficking.

Written, Directed & Choreographed by Zoya Sardashti

Cast: Susan Pfeffer, Nikelola Balogun, Sarah Krikorian, Ryan M. McKelvey, Gordon Trites, & Kenneth Lee Eubanks.

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