programming for the arts, education, & Conflict Transformation

Home Soil Projects is a global non-profit working alongside local arts, academic, and cultural institutions to enrich and deepen approaches to transforming identity conflict produced by nationalism.Through 1:1 performance, artistic education, and performative interventions we curate programming that sustains social justice efforts between people across categories of ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, religious affiliation, ability, and citizenship status.

1 to 1 Performance

Socially Engaged Art for site-specific encounters in places such as:

  • festivals 
  • theatres
  • galleries 
  • museums
  • conferences


Transdisciplinary Approaches to Practice-as-Research Methodologies for Graduate Students in the Arts and Humanities can be arranged as:

one – two day workshops

week long intensives

one – two semester courses

Both in-person and virtual formats are available.


Community Building Practices for Peacebuilding, Activist, and Cultural Organizations to devise new strategies of collective action across following topics:

  • immigration/migration 
  • gender inequality 
  • social movement/protest culture 
  • environmental rights

If we want to build a better world,
we need new understandings.

Social change is inevitable. If we want to build a better world, we need new understandings. Implementing diversity, equity, and inclusion training has skyrocketed in the last few years. But it’s not enough. We need more imaginative, practical, and embodied approaches that repair our social relationships to reduce inequalities so peace, justice, and strong institutions are more sustainable.

We encourage participants to consider their bodies to be a place where perspective shifts temporarily.

By providing experiential facilitation to individuals and cultural organizations, we connect disparate stories to form mutual understanding of conflict so clients are equipped with knowledge to move toward resolution based on shared values.

Through dialogue and collaboration our programming cultivates social conditions where multiple identities, modes of thinking, and ways of doing is an effort toward inclusion so being in the world is being in support of others.