Home Soil Projects

Home Soil Projects is a global organization that collaborates with local arts, academic, and cultural institutions to advance processes of transitional justice among diasporic communities in exile. Our curated programming facilitates pathways toward citizenship and integration. Through one-to-one performance, artistic education, and performative interventions, relationships between people across perceived categories of ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, religious affiliation, and ability are strengthened so sustainable peace evolves beyond national boundaries. 

ONE-TO-ONE Performance

One-to-one performances are an opportunity to co-narrate the ways relationships evolve between languages, histories, and identities.

Using one-to-one performance practices to facilitate conversations about challenging topics cultivates a deeper sense of belonging because the participants gain an increased awareness of bias through dialogue and cultural exchange.


We offer tools to strengthen relationships between people utilizing performance-based practices exploring ways of being responsive in a world where violence is an everyday reality.

The goal is to guide participants to translate social theory of nonviolent practice in their own words while including multiple languages, not just English.


Our post-event consultation includes sustained guidance in adapting the curriculum and performative interventions  so collaborators are well prepared to replicate the group structures with their organizations or communities.

They are also supplied with production materials and put in touch with technical staff for future events.

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Currently, we are on Korean Standard Time, but can adjust our schedule to accommodate any time zone.